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User documentation

OS \& requirements:

Mathmaker has been developed and should work under any OS with python installed. It has been tested and runs under Linux and FreeBSD. It hasn't been tested yet under Windows nor MacOS.

Mathmaker 0.4 and 0.5 require python2.5 at least so it *should* work on any OS with python2.5 installed.

From the 0.6 version (not published yet) mathmaker will require python3 and won't be compatible with python2 any longer.

The created LaTeX files are compilable using TexLive distribution. For information, the ports installed on FreeBSD are: print/texlive-scheme-basic print/texlive-lm print/texlive-aeguill print/texlive-cancel print/texlive-ulem print/texlive-eurosym print/texlive-pgf print/texlive-ucs print/texlive-dehyph-exptl print/texlive-hyphen-ancientgreek print/texlive-hyphen-german print/texlive-hyphen-greek print/texlive-ukrhyph print/texlive-ec print/texlive-ms print/texlive-xcolor print/texlive-pstricks print/texlive-pst-eps print/texlive-moreverb print/texlive-pst-tools print/tex-texmflocal


There's no binary so far. Just download the source file (the links are available on the home page) and copy/paste it into the chosen installation folder.


There's no graphical user interface so far. Open a shell window and type the mathmaker command (see details below). Its default output is a LaTeX file written to the standard output.

mathmaker --help:

usage: mathmaker \[options\] arg


  • --version show program's version number and exit
  • -h, --help show this help message and exit
  • -l LANGUAGE, --language=LANGUAGE
Force the language of the output to LANGUAGE. Default value is configured in mathmaker.cfg

mathmaker arguments:

  • algebra-balance-01
  • algebra-binomial-identities-expansion
  • algebra-expression-expansion
  • algebra-expression-reduction
  • algebra-factorization-01
  • algebra-factorization-02
  • algebra-factorization-03
  • algebra-mini-test-0
  • algebra-mini-test-1
  • algebra-short-test
  • algebra-test-2
  • converse-and-contrapositive-of-pythagorean-theorem-short-test
  • equations-basic
  • equations-classic
  • equations-harder
  • equations-short-test
  • equations-test
  • fraction-simplification
  • fractions-product-and-quotient
  • fractions-sum
  • mental-calculation'
  • pythagorean-theorem-short-test


mathmaker -l en basic-equations > output.tex

mathmaker algebra-short-test > output.tex

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