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Translations :

  • french
  • english

Output formats :

  • LaTeX

Mathematical objects : Mathmaker uses basic mathematical objects and is able to handle with them to display solutions the way a humain being would write them (possibily like a pupil would do, with some more details sometimes, the solutions aim to be as clear and complete as possible).

Mathmaker can create and handle :

Algebraic expressions : Mathmaker is able to :

  • expand and reduce algebraic expressions (incl. using binomial identities)
  • factorize particular algebraic expressions (incl. using binomial identities)

Equations : Mathmaker is able to :

  • solve 1st degree equations
  • solve simple 2d degree equations (x² = a) ; for instance it can solve pythagorean equations

Numeric calculation : Mathmaker is able to :

  • calculate sums and products of numbers
  • calculate sums, products and quotients of fractions

Geometrical objects : Mathmaker is able to :

  • display right triangles in any direction, with any desired labels
  • use the pythagorean theorem to calculate a missing length in a right triangle

Geometrical exercises : Mathmaker is able to :

  • calculate the length of a side of a right triangle knowing two others of them (using pythagorean theorem)
  • use the converse or contrapositive of pythagorean's theorem to determine whether a triangle is right or not

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